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January 2020

At last the chords to Thanks for the dance have been added to the site. With gratitude to Lennard Torbijn for the effort of transcribing the songs for me once again!


October 2019

Sony Music and the Cohen family are proud to announce the release of a new Leonard Cohen album Thanks for the dance. The album will be released on Friday, November 22nd, 2019.

Thanks for the dance is not a commemorative collection of B sides and outtakes, but an unexpected harvest of nine new songs - exciting and vital, a continuation of the master's final work.

Once the album is out, we will try to make the chords to the songs available as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the first single, The Goal, has been released on September 20.


December 2016

Leonard Cohen's last album has now been added to the chords. A big thank you -once again- to Lennard Torbijn for providing the chords of all the songs!


October 2014

Popular Problems: another Leonard Cohen album has been released and thanks to Lennard Torbijn from The Netherlands the chords of this new album have been added to the site.


February 2012

Leonard Cohen's new album "Old Ideas" has been getting raving reviews all over the world and takes the number one position in a lot of countries in the first week of its release! You can find all chords to the new songs on The Chords Of Leonard Cohen!


January 2012

A new album "Miscellaneous" is added to the navigation of the Cohen Chords. This "album" consists of various songs that have not been released on any official Leonard Cohen studio album. Feel free to check it out!


December 2011

Finally: a new update of the chords!


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Leonard Cohen Chords Archive by Matjaz Gregoric and friends: Many thanks to everyone that contributed to the transcriptions!